You Rise When You Lift Others !!

You rise when you lift others !! We all have been learning since childhood that helping others is a good deed, when we help others we feel happier , when we help others we help ourselves and much more phrases like that !! Well the need of hour is to question ourselves that how many of us really implement it throughout our lives and make it a point to help others whenever we get to.

Hello everyone! I’m back with my another post in “Soul Speaks ” section. This time you will connect with me if you have come across people who are imprisoned by their own selfish desires.

No doubt there is too much competition in the society today. Everyone wants to be better than the other. Being at the top is a good feeling isn’t it ? Well of course it is !! But why is it that everybody wants to be at the top alone ?? What’s wrong if you have more than one people at the same level??

Competition can be constructive and destructive too, it depends how you take it. This competitive feeling has impacted some brains so badly that they have forgotten the difference between putting efforts to reach at the top and pulling someone down to pretend that they are at the top.

I have seen people who are too scared about losing their positions at the top that they not only refuse to share their experiences and methodologies but also mislead others. What is the use of reaching greater heights with this much blurred vision? Sharing your experiences and methodologies is the least you can do in order to help. Isn’t it the best thing you could do for somebody, it never makes you poor in any manner.

” No one has ever become poor by giving.”

-Anne Frank

Experiences and knowledge are things which grows double when shared. Rising by lifting others makes you a person of value. The moment you become selfless happiness comes your way. Consider yourself lucky if you could ever contribute to someone’s success. Encourage people, help them in any manner you can. Take a step forward and make the world a better place. Always remember ” What you do for yourself dies with you but what you do for others is immortal.” Help and see the incredible things happen.

“Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people , can transform the world. ”

Howard Zinn

By Miss Mansi

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23 thoughts on “You Rise When You Lift Others !!

  1. I think these words really connect with the soul…true justice to tha name “Soul Speaks”…and the topic of your article is the need of the hour!!

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