Why you should write journal?

Journal writing is a form of self reflection. It’s about pouring your heart out on a sheet of paper, writing things you are too afraid to share with anybody. When you just don’t want to talk about it with anybody, you can always write and step aside from ambivalence. It is the best method of articulating your feelings.

Many of you might not be a big fan of writing or pen and paper stuff but I am sure you are unaware of the benefits it holds. I am a big, big fan of writing and love pen and paper combo and how it beautifully holds the power to heal your mind. I can write for hours when it comes to journals. Its been years since I started writing journals, I am not exaggerating anything at all, trust me it has an amazing effect on your mental health, your lifestyle, your thought process and lot more.

I am here to agitate this habit in your lifestyle, so that you could also enjoy the benefits it has to offer. I know that for some of you this acquisition is not going to be easy, but trust me it is worth it.

Journal writing

Below are some good results I gained from journal writing. These are the reasons why I feel that journal writing should be a part of daily life.

# Journal writing helps in relieving stress

Stress, the most talked about issue among everybody, specially youngsters. We all feel stressed and low sometimes, now if you have someone to talk to it’s wonderful I am happy for you. But if you don’t have anybody to talk to or you have trust issues, this is the solution. I was once in this situation, I had a lot going on in my head, I was so worried, stressed and had no one to talk to. I grabbed a paper and pen and wrote whatever I was feeling, it was so relaxing. From that day till today when I have no one to talk to it doesn’t bothers me much, all I need is pen and paper. Try this out, it will help you for sure.

# It is nothing less than a best friend

OK, so how many times your secrets became a part of gossip? Have you ever been there, when you trust somebody and tell them your secret but they like an idiot tell everybody about it and you end up being shattered. Your faith is no longer there in people, I understand I have been there. We know the feels to have a best friend in life, telling them all your secrets and worries without being betrayed. But not everybody is lucky enough to have such best friends in their life, I was one of them (I have them now though), but until now journals have proven to be my best friends. They are best listeners, they do not have excuses, they keep all your secrets and never broadcast them, they do not demand anything, they do not interrupt what you have to say.

Yeah, I know what you are thinking, that is all true, they won’t give you life advice like you best friends, for that you need to have those idiots in your life.

#It inspires creative writing

The most special part of journal writing, it promotes creative writing, when you write about your feelings your vocabulary improves. In this process, you learn how to frame your feelings properly, not overnight but yes regular practice improves your writing skills. You end up having really great vocabulary and you learn to express your feelings by writing.

#Helps in organizing thoughts

When you think, the process is random, you produce chains in your brain without certain dots to follow. But when you start writing your thoughts you proceed accordingly, this helps you in learning how to organize your thought process. This is best way to stay away from overthinking. You will end up cutting off your maximum stress and stay away from the big loop of overthinking.

#Boosts memory

Journal writing has promising results about memory boosting. Usually we remember what we write more than what we read. That is so true to the core, you end up remembering things better than usual but yes of course it requires long practice.

# Enhances self awareness

When you write, you come to know about what type of personality you possess, what bothers you, what are the things that stress you out. What are your thought process, what are your capabilities and so much more about yourself. It helps you to become self aware. If you are a person you becomes blank when someone asks about your likes, dislikes, strength, weakness, you should start writing a journal. It will help you in knowing yourself. Spend time with yourself, and know who you really are.

# An asset for mental health

It make your mind a healthy place to live, by keeping away the stress and overthinking. You spend time with yourself and end up having more knowledge about your self. It works as an asset, it gifts you a best friend to share your feelings with and never let’s you to feel alone.

So here are the reasons why journal writing should be a part of your life. It improves your lifestyle, by having so many benefits to offer, you must give it a try and let me know how it works for you.

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14 thoughts on “Why you should write journal?

  1. Keep the good work. You helped a lot of people, me included. At times when people ignore mental health and well being, you gave people something that will really help them as I can definitely see this helping me a lot! Cheers!! 🌸❤️

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