Howdy lovely people, my name is Mansi Choudhary and I am here with my another post “TOO EARLY TO CONCLUDE”. When do we conclude anything? Isn’t it when we are finished with the project or anything we wish to conclude about.

I have seen many people making statements about things in life, some things they have heard and some they have experienced themselves. They make their believes after they have gone through some rough times in life. One may conclude that “All girls are same” after she broke up with him or vice versa. This is just an example, we all do this in almost every situation we face. Going through one bad experience, we conclude things.

After major loss in business, people say “business is of no use and is too risky”. He has experienced it once and said it. But many others believe it even though they have never been in business.

If a person has been in business for years and is now 80 years old and he says something which he concluded in his experience of life is fair. Listening to him is worth it. But being in twenties and making conclusions about love, money, business and job, is it even fair? I mean isn’t it a bit too early to conclude anything. Sitting and crying that you haven’t achieved anything in life neither love nor money while you are just 26 is the most stupid thing one could do. Look at yourself, you have whole life ahead, no one knows what is going to happen next and you sitting and crying because you lost something which was never really yours.

Give it a thought, you are having a full life to explore. See what you go through, learn from every situation you face but never conclude too early. Take your time to see what is actually happening. “I will never find love again”, “I will never be able to make it to that job”, “All boys are same”, “No one cares”, look at all these statements. Are they facts or just your own assumptions you made, because you found it too tough to face problems and struggles.

There are two paths one is “right” and other one is “easy”. Do what is right not what is easy. Have the courage to explore life no matter what it unfolds. Never conclude things, keep your mind and heart open enough to believe whatever is happening has reasons. Save your conclusions for the ending.

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