Time : The Most Precious Resource

Time, the most precious resource, it is very important and plays a significant role. Isn’t it shocking, time is spent every second but we never really need to earn it. It is always there, we just need to value it.


Hello everyone! Welcome back to another post in lifestyle section “Time : The Most Precious Resource”.

Importance of Time


Time is the treasure which is gifted to us from the moment we are born but we many times fail to realize it’s importance. We need to value time as once spent it can never be gained back. Life is too short to live wasting time. We have got one life, too much to explore and achieve and each moment is slipping from hands every single second. The more you value time, the more valuable your life becomes. You get time for free, by this I mean you never really spend money or anything to buy it. But you need to spend it more wisely than you spend money. Money can be earned while time cannot be earned. Once gone time can never be back.

Different phases of time

time flies

The life is a combination of good and bad. Time sometimes can be supportive and sometimes not. All you need to do in this phase is just trust yourself. The best thing about time is it changes. It never ever remains the same. The struggle, heartbreak or any kind of pain you are going through is just to make you value the good times. We only value good when we have experienced bad. If you always have good experiences, you may not realize it’s worth.

Spend your Time wisely

Time is the only thing.

Now because we have read enough about time, its importance and realized that how precious it is. The main point comes how to spend this beautiful treasure. If used wisely it can make you, otherwise it can break you too. Spend it where you think it is not wasted. You have to decide who and what deserves it. If you are giving someone or something your time, you are giving away a phase of your life which you will never get back. Many of us waste our time in useless things. We have one life and so much to achieve in it, each day once gone will never be back. Make sure you spend your days by gaining something each day, be it relationship, money, friends or anything which adds value to your life.


Spending time with your friends is not wrong, but spending it with wrong ones is. Just know wisely how many of them are your true friends and deserve your time so that you don’t regret wasting your precious time on them later. We all have goals and dreams, but how many of us are working towards them each day? Days will pass and we will still be just dreaming. Stop wasting your time thinking about people who do not deserve it. Spend it with people who truly care for you, at least you will not regret it. Give your time to things which add value to your life. Value yourself and your time. Spend it wisely and shape your life your own way.

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13 thoughts on “Time : The Most Precious Resource

  1. Commendable……. As you are spending your time in such a good thing so that people can learn from you and manage their own life 👍

  2. TIME has a wonderful way of showing what matters…
    btw its awesome and its now my one of the favourite blog you’ve written till now..
    my fav line:
    The best thing about time is it changes.

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