This, too, shall pass

Howdy lovely people. My name is Mansi and I am here with my new post “This, too, shall pass”. Facing bad times? Wondering when would it pass? Feeling exhausted and see no hopes? You are at the right place. Let us see if my post could be of any help.

We all have bad times in our lives. We all are facing our own battles. Everybody, everybody around is battling the battles life is putting them through. If you see someone happy and think they are all OK, well go and ask them, all your doubts will be clear. Every one is facing problems, some you can see and some are only known by the person himself, they are that private. Well the problem is not the concern, your reaction is the concern. The thoughts you process in your mind are the concern. I know some of you might be thinking that how are thoughts related to problems you are facing. Well, you are all what you think all day long. Your thoughts attract what you think.

Your problem can be professional or personal. It is a part of lesson which you are meant to learn during the course of your life. Think about it deeply, think about the causes, solutions and possibly everything you can. Don’t try to run away from it or think of escaping. Escape is not an option, either change it or just accept it. Don’t run, it will follow, no matter how much you try to ignore, so why not save time and face it. Believe in yourself, no problem is bigger than your power to overcome it.

I understand you are in pain, you feel empty, broken and lot more than I could ever describe in words. But trust me, nothing is permanent. Stand up and fight whatever is in front of you, have the courage and just go through it. Eventually you will find out that whatever happens, happens for good. It’s just a matter of time, and things are not going to be same forever. Change is a part of life, and your sorrows are not going to last forever, just stop escaping and face it.

Just sit and think what is troubling you, is it even worth your concern? Is it really a big deal? If it is, try to find solutions and try until you find one. Sitting and thinking bad won’t take you anywhere. If you say “THERE IS NO HOPE”, such negative thoughts will attract more negative in your life. You think good, good will follow, you think bad, bad will follow. Think about what you want to be followed by. Try and say “THIS, TOO, SHALL PASS”. Believe it, and it will pass.

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