Think before you judge. We all have heard phrases, quotes about not judging people by the way they look or on any basis. “DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER” is one of the very popular quote. But how many of us truly believe in this ? If you do believe, I am glad you are one of rare humans we have on earth today. And If you don’t believe the quote, let’s see why you should.

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my new post in soul speaks section “Think Before You Judge”. I personally love writing these posts but as I said before the recipe to these posts is not easy. I love the response I get from these posts, so here I am with the other one.

There are different people all around. Each person is meant to be the way they are. Arrogant, Confident, Over Confident, Fat, Tall, Short, Black, Brown, Fair, each feature they possess contributes to make them who they were meant to be. No one can ever be too perfect to judge other people on any basis. Passing comments and judging may be entertaining for some people but you never realize the impact it does on the other’s life. Your one statement is sometimes enough to break someone’s confidence up to an extent that they start doubting their self.

Each person has a different story, story which you may never know completely. You don’t have any idea what a person is going through, what he has went through, what’s the reason behind the behavior he has today. Someone who is rude might have faced bad situations in life and may be the things have never worked his way, you can’t judge by the minutes you spend with any one. Someone who is fat might be having a disease you are not familiar with. To someone drinking or smoking you can’t judge if they are bad, may be its their own way to deal with stress. You may never know the story he has behind drinking and smoking so why to categorize.

To someone whom you told that their work was not appreciable and made fun of them, you broke the courage they took, the confidence they had. If you can’t motivate someone then don’t even judge and break them. Each person is fighting their own struggles in their own way. You are no one to decide who they are and what they should be. Let them be imperfect, let them be who they are. Everyone is trying bad to be presentable due to this fear of being judged. Stop passing comments and try to deal with your own life.

I wonder how can someone be so free to just sit and talk what is happening in other’s life. Be so busy with yourself that you have no time to criticize others. You can’t just walk in any chapter of one’s life and declare who that person is. To someone whom you called fat three times in your conversation, you have built an inferiority complex in their heart. When you make fun and pass bad comments on anyone you strip away their threads of confidence. If can’t help in building their confidence, do a favor and don’t try to break their confidence.

It takes away nothing from you to just sit and pass comments on people you see, but to the one you pass those comments it may take away their confidence, respect and much more. Think before you judge.


I hope this article does some impact on the mind of the reader. Don’t forget to leave your comments and share your reviews.

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6 thoughts on “THINK BEFORE YOU JUDGE!

  1. Really true lines….. Every person in this world judge another person…….. But everyone should get motivated through the posts like yours……… Very nice post 👍

  2. Hey mansi.. you are right.. but
    ..judging other is completely in our system, we cant realise that how many times we do it… It is natural….

    1. You are absolutely right but I think system can be changed…It is your system have the control and try to do what is right….

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