4 Things you should be careful about

Are you careful about what you think of yourself? Do you know how you speak to yourself has a huge impact on you? Have you ever wondered how the people you surround yourself with impact your life, your mental health?

What we think and what we feel about our self comes from our surroundings. Minute details which we avoid very often decides what our life looks like. The things I will talk about today will seem very common but when taken for granted can cost you your happiness, your mental peace and result in what we all call “Overthinking”.

Today, I will talk about four important things you should be very careful about in your life. These small things make a huge impact on you, the way you live, the way you process your thoughts.

#1 The things you say to yourself

When you talk to yourself it matters, be very aware of things you say to yourself. When you talk to yourself, talk as if you are talking to your best friend. You will never say demotivating, negative things to your best friend then why say them to your own self. ⁣

If you keep putting yourself down, you will end up believing those things about you, even if they are not true. ⁣Most time of the day we talk to ourselves in our head, you might be surprised to notice how often you put yourself down throughout the day.

The problem here is that these negative voices become visitors in our head. We have them and generally we never notice them enough, they keep on coming and we never try to stop them. Here is what I suggest you to do, next time when you talk to yourself and say bad things, stop right there and tell yourself that it is not true. Encounter your own voice and tell yourself not to talk rubbish. Acknowledge the talk you have and tell yourself that it was not helpful. When you do this the message going to your subconscious mind changes and it doesn’t leave a bad impact.

#2 The thoughts you have when you are alone

The most important point to keep in mind is this one. Let us talk a bit deeply about this, it is somewhat related to our first point. Here you will understand that why it is important to acknowledge what you say and re-frame it so that your subconscious mind receives a good message.

If you are an over thinker, listen carefully. What are thoughts? Thoughts are the signals, messages, beliefs, ideas you send to your brain when you are in a situation. They are the beliefs you told yourself to be true. When you are alone, your subconscious mind plays whatever is stored in your head. The messages you sent to your mind when you were talking to yourself are now playing. They are not randomly generated ideas, they are well settled in that part of your brain because you sent them and felt OK with it.

The conversation you have with yourself resides in your brain. When you have a fight, you feel low or feel sad, you talk to yourself, that is where the real game is.

If you do not allow negative conversations, there will not be negative thoughts. No one else puts them in your brain, you got to decide what you want to say to yourself. So next time be careful.

#3 The way you treat yourself

Do you treat yourself when you accomplish your goals? Do you buy yourself presents? Do you feel proud of the person you are?

If not, you need to. More than anyone else you need to pamper yourself, remind yourself how amazing you are. These small gestures will not only motivate you to do better in life but will also keep you happy. When you do these things, you are telling yourself that you are worthy. Treat yourself well and love yourself for who you are.

#4 The type of people you surround yourself with

You tend to become like people you surround yourself with. This statement is so true to the core, the type of people you have around yourself decides and affects your vibe. Your emotions, mood, feelings every little thing somewhere or the other depends on the time you spend with your friends, family or colleague.

What habits they have, the way they talk, the values they hold everything matters. Their aura affects us, if you be with someone who is a positive person and talks politely, you tend to become like them. Not only in physical world but virtually too, the people you follow on your social media also affects you. The kind of feed you scroll through leaves an impact on you. If you follow motivational accounts, you will feel motivated, if you follow entertainment accounts, you will feel happy.

They can bring the best as well as the worst out of you, choose wisely.

That’s all for today! I hope this is useful. Let me know what you think of it in the comments below.



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