Things you remember.

Things you remember, not getting what I am talking about? OK in simple words, we call them memories.

It’s been so long since I wrote something in ‘Souls Speaks’ section. As I have said before, this section has to come straight from the heart. I do zero research when it comes to emotions and I only write what I strongly feel. If you are new, Welcome to my blog! In this section I talk about the emotional sufferings we go through at some point in our lives.

The topic for today is ‘Memories’. Things your brain remembers, things you are involved in through out your life because they reside in your brain and you can’t let them go.

Do you often get hurt by people? Do find yourself in deep thoughts often? Is it difficult for you to forget the bad things someone said to you? If yes, you are at the right place. I will tell you how exactly you can overcome from bad memories you unknowingly fed to your brain, which now haunts you.

Do you remember the best trip you had with your friends? Why do you call it the best? Because you have amazing memories from it, because you were happy and had the best time with them. Do you remember the exact words your ex- best friend said to you when you broke the friendship? They hurt right? But you still remember it as a memory which has taken space in your mind.

Do you exactly know that why you remember only some parts of your life so deeply and not every part? Is it because you can’t memorize? NO, let me tell you a fact I recently came across. Your brain changes a moment into a memory if and only if you are emotionally involved in that moment deeply. YES! you heard it right. Emotional moments in which either you were extremely happy or sad are the ones you remember clearly.

Now, remember the fight you had or your best trip you had with your friends, you were at some point involved emotionally. Emotions are the most sensitive and tricky part of life, this is what I personally feel. Having an emotional balance in life is so important. You can’t control the moment, but you can always control how much you want to involve yourself. If you want to protect your soul and peace of mind, you need to let go the emotion you attached with that moment, you need to let go the feeling you felt.

Here is what I do when a bad memory tries to take space in my head, I either sort it out and try to make things better or I let it go completely and never bother about what happens next. I never let hatred take any space in my mind and heart, I think it’s just not worth it.

Hating them or giving them the space in your head is affecting you and not them. Memories are wonderful and let them be wonderful. If you find it too difficult to let go or forget it completely then change the direction completely. If you think that memory will stay with you no matter how hard you try to avoid it, attach a big lesson or learning to it and make it a point to never let another memory in which implies to the same learning you had before.

Instead of saying “Why this happened to me” or blaming or people for doing it, simply tell yourself “This happened to me and it’s OK, I learnt a lesson from this and I won’t let this happen to me ever again”. You may not control what other’s tell you, but you can always control what you tell yourself.

That’s all for today! Have a great day. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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