The Art To Forgive

Forgiveness is an intentional decision to release feelings of resentment towards a person who has harmed you . “THE ART TO FORGIVE” is an article in which I want to convey a small message. Hope you people like it.

What is Forgiveness ?

Forgiveness is a complete art each individual needs to learn in order to live a happy life. Forgiving is about releasing yourself from a self generated prison. When you hold any grudges against someone, you carry a burden with yourself. To forgive is to release yourself from this unnecessary burden which may hold you from living a pure life. Forgiving is about accepting an apology which you may have never received and it is indeed the toughest thing to do sometimes. When you forgive another person regardless of if they actually deserved it, you reach a stage of wholeness.

Need to forgive…

Life is a complete roller coaster ride, there are times we are broken due to multiple reasons. There are times when the closest people in your life hurts you to deepest, either intentionally or unintentionally. If you keep on holding the pain into your hearts, it will be the unnoticed burden which will definitely harm our peace. When you hate someone, you are giving away a portion of your precious feelings. When you hold grudges against someone you plant a tree of negativity inside you. Hating anybody will never ever let you recover from your wounds. To recover you need to let go all the negativity you have been carrying in your heart. You need to forgive not because they deserve forgiveness but because you deserve peace.

Forgive and Forget..

Forgiveness is an attribute of strong, it’s true to the core. When you hate someone you are still giving them space in your heart, they will affect you. When you are hurt ask yourself few questions, who will be more affected if you hate them ? , Was their mistake even worth your hatred?, Are you ready to sacrifice your peace for whatever wrong they did to you ? . Well these answers may vary from person to person. Life is too short to live hating someone. The portion of your heart you are wasting hating somebody can be used to spread love to your closed ones. Just forgive and forget. Forgiving and not forgetting will again occupy the negative space in your heart, so for the sake of being positive and happy , FORGIVE AND FORGET.

Forgive and see what happens ..

You heal only when you forgive. We have one life, it depends how you want to live it. The people you are meeting in your life were meant to be part of your journey. Cherish each and every moment of your life and live happily. When you forgive you reach a stage where your heart and soul is at peace. Suppose, one fine day you are very happy and suddenly you come across a person you hate very badly, your happiness will be converted to irritation and all your focus goes on that particular person. You forget your happiness and your mood is affected badly, but what if you forgive! what if you have forgotten what they did to you ?, Well in that situation you will not at all be affected who so ever you come across and you will be happy and positive, so this happens when you forgive.

By Miss Mansi

Forgive and live happily!! Don’t forget to give your review in the comment section below, your words matter.

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16 thoughts on “The Art To Forgive

  1. Appealing content Mansi!
    Yes, we should forgive and forget the mistakes done but should not forget the person involved because, as you said “Life is too short to live hating someone.”

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