Why you should write journal?

Journal writing is a form of self reflection. It’s about pouring your heart out on a sheet of paper, writing things you are too afraid to share with anybody. When you just don’t want to talk about it with anybody, you can always write and step aside from ambivalence. It is the best method of […]


Howdy lovely people, my name is Mansi Choudhary and I am here with my another post “TOO EARLY TO CONCLUDE”. When do we conclude anything? Isn’t it when we are finished with the project or anything we wish to conclude about. I have seen many people making statements about things in life, some things they […]

This, too, shall pass

Howdy lovely people. My name is Mansi and I am here with my new post “This, too, shall pass”. Facing bad times? Wondering when would it pass? Feeling exhausted and see no hopes? You are at the right place. Let us see if my post could be of any help. We all have bad times […]


Hello lovely people! My name is Mansi and I am here with my new post “IF IT WAS YOUR LAST DAY”. Last day, yeah you heard it right. I am talking about dying. Let me make it clear in the beginning, I won’t talk about completing goals before death, this section is completely emotional one […]


Change, just a six letter word but capable of so much. Hello lovely people! My name is Mansi and I am back with my another post “BE THE CHANGE”. This section of writing is my favorite, “SOUL SPEAKS”. Life is all about the reflection of choices we make. Isn’t it? The small choices contribute to […]

How to set achievable goals

Howdy lovely people! So it’s the second month of the year and I have questions about your resolutions/goals you took a month back. Wait, you are working on them right ? Well may be some of you are still holding themselves tight while others must have given up. Nothing to worry there is still hope. […]

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