Stationery Essentials !!

Stationery is an important part of a student’s life. Let’s discuss about some stationery essentials today.

Hello everyone !! Welcome back to my new blog in the lifestyle section. Because I am a big fan of stationery, I am here to share with you all my favorite stationery products. Hope you people like it.

Stationery is my favorite word and trust me, there is something very comfortable in having a lots of stationery. So let’s begin with the items.

1. Sticky Notes

Sticky notes, the most important thing to make your notes creative and pretty. They come in amazing colors and are multipurpose too. Besides making your notes look beautiful they can also be used in many other ways, I personally use them to write small quotes and paste them on my wall. Many times I just use them for reminders and just stick them on my refrigerator. I also use them as a message note for my mother. I find them really helpful, you can try them too.

2. Highlighters


Studying big big paragraphs is not an easy job during exams. It’s too difficult to get through all the lines in less time, specially when you have limited time. To sort out this problem highlighters came to rescue. They are so helpful, while studying you can keep on highlighting the important lines and during revision you can just read those important lines and you are good to go! They do their job really well.

3. Notebooks


Well we all need to have these. I am not talking about the class notebooks but a notebook you need to keep for personal use. They can be used in so many different ways. You can plan your days on them, write journals, make your bucket list and much more. I love blank notebooks as you can be more creative with them. Having notebooks and using them for a productive purpose can motivate you for the day and helps in managing tasks.

4. Pencils

yellow and red pencils

I can always rely on pencils. The best part is you can change whatever you write very easily and they are smudge proof too. There are many different categories available today. Mechanical pencils, shading pencils and many more, my favorite are the simple ones.

5. Pens

colored pens

Apart from having blue and black pens, having multi colored pens is a good idea. I use them for the headings or to write any important note within the chapter. They not only look pretty but also help in differentiating the headings, important text. I have a never ending list when it comes to pens. I personally love uni ball pens and they are simply amazing.

By Miss Mansi

Go and grab your stationery essential now !!

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