Slay with the content you consume.

Scrolling through phones, watching television or reading a book, in all these times we are filing our heads with information. Most of time we are consuming content that is available out there. But is that content bringing any value to your life? Is it helping you to improve your existing skill? I know it might be sounding boring to some of you, you might be thinking, what is she talking about? Who thinks of learning something while watching a movie? But the fact is you can learn from every content you consume in your day to day life.


Be it YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix or any other platform. Just by keeping few points in mind you will end up feeling good and not guilty about watching movie on Netflix after this.

If you want to thrive in times like today, you really need to be a good learner. We all like to watch Amazon Prime, Netflix and of course Instagram, the best friend today! We spend so much time on these platforms then why not spend it in a way that it could lead you somewhere. I guess there is no harm, in fact it is the most amazing way in which you can consume content which will help you grow.

If you are spending too much time on your phone and feeling guilty about it, let me tell you some tips which will help you. I personally do all of these and I have got amazing results.

If you want to know how to do it, come on in.

#1 Consume content which is new for you.

Let us talk about the very common mistake we do and end up getting nothing out of it. I will tell you how exactly I learnt about this mistake.

A few months back I saw a video from one of the greatest motivational speaker Sandeep Maheshwari. This man has brought amazing changes in my life. I will talk about this some other time, for now let’s stick to the topic. So, in that video he told that each time you see something, be it cartoon, movie or anything, ask yourself a question “What did I learn from this?”. And I believe in implementing almost everything I feel valuable. So after listening to this video, one weekend I thought of watching a movie.

The movie was “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani“, the most amazing movie to feel good about ourselves, our lives, our friends and a lot more. I watched the movie happily and after that I asked myself “What did I learn from this”? I came up with multiple answers and became happy that yeah I learnt.

Again after few months I suddenly felt like watching that same movie. Most of you could relate here, this movie was released almost 7 years back and we still love it. The concept, the vibe is new every time you watch it. So again I watched it and asked myself the same question, I ended up having the exact same points I had before, now I was guilty of spending two and half hours on something I knew before. That’s when I realized that if I had explored another movie instead of the same, I would have had new things learnt on my list.

I know some movies are worth watching again, but let’s face it watching Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani or any other movie 50th time is not teaching you something. I know that movie has a lot of learning to take away but repeating the same movie is providing the same value you had the first time you watched it.

So, consume content which is new for you.

#2 Watch content which helps you grow

When you watch a content, make sure it is providing you value in such a manner that you are growing. When you consume negative content, it loads in your brain and stays with you. Any content we see remains with us, so keep something which is making you happy rather than negative. For example you read a bad news while scrolling through Instagram. You read the full article about what exactly happened and how it happened, you are now aware of it. But do not dig it deeper, do not go to google searching for similar articles. It will affect you in a negative manner and make you feel bad for a longer duration of time.

#3 Consume content which adds value to your life somehow

If you are watching a video on Instagram and it is making you smile, laugh or encouraging you to do something good with yourself, it is adding value to your life. Do not watch content which is not making any changes in the person you are and how you will do this? Ask yourself “What did you learn from this?” and you will get your answer.

That’s it for today, I hope this helps you people somehow.

Inspiring happy living.


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9 thoughts on “Slay with the content you consume.

  1. Nice one, Mansi. I totally agree. I will surely implement ‘What I have learnt watching this’ technique the next time. Just to add, we have limited time and it is important to consume content that will help us grow in some way.

  2. Yes, very aptly said. Everything teaches us something in one way or the other. We just have to look at things from a certain perspective and encourage positivity and optimism.

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