Procrastination : A complete guide

Heya! Today I am here with the most requested topic of all times, Procrastination.

“Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is burnt.”

In this blog you will find all about it, what is it? What are the causes and how you can overcome it. Everything is packed up really well. Ready? Let’s dive in.

What is procrastination?

In simplest words, an action of delay or postponing something is called procrastination. Avoiding discomfort, pain and willing to stay at ease is procrastination.

But do you know that all amazing things you wish to have in your life are out of your comfort zone? If your dreams are big and taking some steps will bring it closer then just do it, even if it is uncomfortable.

Delaying work can be a big hurdle in your way of achieving big dreams. Being lazy sometimes is OK, taking breaks is OK but making all this a habit during the long run is dangerous for your career, for your health.

Procrastination is like a credit card; it’s a lot of fun until you get the bill.

So, let’s try to find out what can be done to be productive.

What are the causes of procrastination?

Knowing the cause makes it easy to work on the effect. Before you want to know how you can overcome procrastination, let’s try to find out why you are doing it in the first place.

There are primarily two causes :

#1 Lack of motivation

Whenever you set a goal or a task for yourself, motive is the key. You need to find out the motive when you try to pursue any course or any other task you wish to do. As I have said before, motive is the source of motivation. When you have an agenda to fulfill motivation comes from within. Without motive, motivation is no where. Lack of motivation comes when you are working without a strong motive. This is the very first reason of procrastination.

#2 Unclear “WHY” sheet

This my personal formula which I use whenever I set a goal for myself or any task I write on my to do list. Be very clear about “WHY” you want to do it. So just grab a pen and paper and let’s prepare the WHY sheet.

The reason behind making this sheet is to be clear about the task I want to do and make sure I am not doing it because everybody is doing it or someone has told me to do it. This sheet not only shows the reasons but also motivates me to do better when I feel low.

Many of us don’t end up finishing the course we took online, right? At this time you need to ask yourself why you took that course? Did you really wish to learn it and have passion for the subject or it’s just this pandemic situation in which you just thought to take a course because everybody was doing some or the other thing then why not you? The trend is not the key, don’t follow unless you are passionate about it.

Now, let’s prepare a WHY sheet for your next target/goal/task.

Take a sheet of paper and write the task or goal you have for yourself, after that write “WHY?” and below start writing the reasons about it, why you want to do it, what benefits it will give you, how will your life look after you have achieved it, be creative with your thoughts and write it down and make sure the reasons you give yourself should be FOR YOU, FROM YOU. No secondary person views or statements/opinions should have space in your why sheet.

Not having a clear WHY sheet is one of the reason we don’t end up finishing half of what we start.

How to overcome procrastination?

Now when you aware of the reasons, here are some tips to overcome procrastination.

#1 Stop being a perfectionist

Done sounds better than perfect. Many a times we just keep avoiding the work because we feel we aren’t ready yet. I would highly suggest you to focus on the progress rather than perfection. If you don’t step forward, you will remain at the same place. And this way nothing will come your way, neither progress nor perfection. You will learn when you explore. At least you will be ahead of people who haven’t started yet. Believe in yourself and start it right away.

#2 Set deadlines for your task

Set deadlines for your tasks and also attach small rewards to it. Deadlines helps us to know that how much time we need to dedicate to a particular task and rewards helps us to do it more better.

For me, I like to gift myself stationery at the end of each month when I complete my goals. You can choose what you wish to have as a gift. This approach helps you to finish things as soon as possible.

#3 Visualize the result

Vision is the strongest source of motivation. Visualize the end results of your goals and this will motivate you to do better. The best idea is to create a vision board for yourself. I currently don’t have a vision boards and if you are someone like me, simply grab sticky notes and write whatever you visualize and stick it on your wall. This is how I do it and whenever I have self doubts about me or my goal, I have a glance at what big changes will come my way if I anyhow ended up doing it. And this really motivates me. It pulls you to work harder and make your vision into reality.

#4 Break down your tasks

Break your tasks into multiple steps, this will proved the exact road map you need to walk on, don’t write vaguely. Have proper well designed approach written on paper with steps you need to take. This way you will know the process you need to go through. Be precise and divide your work.

#5 Remove distractions

Sit with minimal distractions, turn off the notifications from your cell phone or if possible switch it off till you work. Do not attend unnecessary phone calls between work, this breaks the work flow.

I have a complete detailed blog on 4 Tips for productive workflow. Read it here.

Apart from notifications and digital distractions, avoid sitting in a messy environment. Messy environment promotes procrastination. Sit at a clean place to maintain the workflow.

That’s all for today, if there are any doubts or suggestion, feel free to reach out. You can mail me at :

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See you soon, have a great day!

Inspiring happy living.

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    1. Making a WHY sheet for a goal is such a great option to start. Thank you so much for such meaningful ideas.

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