"Happiness is not a's a by-product of a life well-lived."

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The Art To Forgive

Forgiveness is an intentional decision to release feelings of resentment towards a person who has harmed you . “THE ART TO FORGIVE” is an article in which I want to convey a small message. Hope you people like it. What is Forgiveness ? Forgiveness is a complete art each individual needs to learn in order […]

BROTHER : A Blessing

Brother, the greatest gift one could ever receive in life. The purest relationship of the world is the one with a brother. Hello everyone ! Today let’s just talk about the most wonderful bond of the planet. Let’s see how having a brother changes our lives.. Brother, the one who annoys you the most but […]

The Need To Belong

Belonging is not a word but a complete emotion in itself. This emotional need of becoming an accepted member of a group can be demanding for many of us. Many of you might have friends who accept you the same way as you are, right? Well, some of us are not lucky enough… You will […]

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