Howdy lovely people! My name is Mansi and I am back with my another post “NOTHING IS PERMANENT”. You people seem to love my work especially in “SOULS SPEAKS” section. I love all the comments I read about how you people can easily connect to what I write.

This section is personally my favorite and I love writing these articles. These are the personal experiences of my life and I try my best to convey the message to people who might find it useful at some point in their lives.

We all expect happy moments to stay the same all through out but not the bad ones. We all expect good things to be permanent, but we some where know that nothing lasts forever. Life is a balance between good and bad, they are meant to happen equally irrespective of our liking. We must learn to appreciate the changes that come in life time to time.

Once we get a best friend, someone who can understand us, we expect them to be the same person they are. But is it practically possible? We all grow, learn and change. Everybody changes, depending on the situations they face in life, they mold themselves accordingly. Never expect them to be the same as they were before years. Time changes people, situations changes people. That change is bound to happen, you can’t blame them to be who they are, who they were meant to be.

If people don’t change that means they are not learning new things in life. It’s OK if they are no more the same. It’s OK if they are totally different from what you expected them to be. They might have faced something you are not well aware of. Life might have wanted them to be who they are today. Nothing is permanent, neither us nor they. We all can see our journey, are we really the same as we were before? NO, nobody is. It’s OK if you loose some people, some relations, some friends.

Everybody has a role to play in our lives. There are lessons behind each trouble we face in our lives. It’s OK for them change, everybody does. When we learn from situations, we act differently. Never be sad about the fact. Learn from everything and accept bravely what ever happens. Every thing has a reason behind it.

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  1. Your writings clearly reflect that you are a beautiful person inside out!
    Continue the good work….and all the very best for all ur future endeavors ❤️

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