Mental Declutter – From clutter to clarity

Anything that keeps you from living the life you are meant to live is clutter. Clutter has become our dirty little secret. Today we have the most distracted people in our society than ever. Scary, right? But the bitter truth is you and I are a part of it.

We keep filling everything around us – our houses, vehicles, mobiles, storage units, heart and mind as well. MORE is not happiness, it amplifies the feeling of being overwhelmed.

We are constantly distracted by things in our environment, finding it harder and harder to feel happy and fulfilled. With too much going around, minimalism came into action. Minimalism is a tool to reduce the excess to focus on what actually matters and is important.

Mostly when we say clutter, the physical things that we have around comes to our head. But clutter is much more than physical things. It can be digital, mental, emotional and spiritual as well.

Today we are going to talk about mental clutter, this blog will take you from clutter to clarity. So come with me.

What is mental clutter?

Fears, voices in our heads, overwhelmed feelings, self doubts, negativity, anything that bombards us is mental clutter. Things that cause unnecessary drama in our lives in mental clutter. These things does not exist in our head naturally, they come from the excess clutter that some how resides in our brain.

Removing this clutter to sustain a happy, fulfilling life is called mental declutter. So let’s see some things you can do to go from CLUTTER to CLARITY.


1. Do a brain dump

mental declutter

Random thoughts coming to our mind are really distracting. Most of the things we think about are never logical and we are stuck in that loop. In order to analyze your thought process it is important to do a brain dump.

Whenever you feel sad, overwhelmed, just grab a piece of paper and pen and start writing down each and everything running on your mind without any filter. Each and every thought of yours should travel from your brain to your hands and then onto the paper. Let it be original and exact. After you are done with the process and no more thoughts come to your mind, take a highlighter and mark only those sentences that makes sense logically and the things you are 100% sure about. Do not highlight any assumptions or anything you are not sure about.

At the end of the activity you will realize a few sentences highlighted from a long paragraph. Now, analyze that how much of what you were thinking actually makes sense. And how little you are meant to worry and the rest is just clutter.

2. Take care of your environment

mental declutter

Mental clutter is amplified when you are surrounded by mess. It’s difficult to stay at peace or feel relaxed when things are not in place. Keep your surrounding clean and things in place to avoid the mental clutter. The aura of your surroundings, the vibe of cleanliness affects your mental peace.

Imagine you come home from a meeting super stressed and your room is a complete mess. Your things are not in place, you are not able to find your clothes and your brain is more messy than before. On the other hand, if you come home stressed and you are able to find things in place you will feel a bit better. I hope you could realize the difference it makes.

3. Take some alone time

mental declutter

Feeling of overwhelm, sadness and negativity often comes when we don’t reflect or not take enough breaks from work. Do not put anything and everything before you. Prioritize yourself and take guilt free breaks to reflect.

Talk to yourself, ask questions, know how you feel, be aware of every thought that visits your head, ask if it is logical. These small things will help you to focus better and develop a sense of clarity. Keep a journal with you and practice journal writing. To know more benefits of journal writing read the article It will help you to understand all benefits.

4. Limit your input

Too much information can clog your brain and make you stuck. Watching TV, Netflix, Instagram, scrolling through your mobiles, talking to your friends, observe what you are doing. You are consuming content.

Limiting this consumption is important because you are feeding your brain with things that are causing clutter leading to less clarity. While taking any information to the roots of your brain, make sure they come from relevant credentials.

Unsubscribe from mails you don’t read, don’t talk to people who are negative. Set a limiting amount of time for social media. Realize what is important and what is not.

5. Stop postponing your decisions

The prime cause of clutter is postponing decisions. Analyze yourself, form delay in confronting your thoughts and fears to cleaning your messy room. All what you do is postpone, which causes things to pile up and create clutter blurring the clarity.

Start taking actions NOW and stop postponing.

That’s all for today!

If you have any doubts/suggestions/assumptions, feel free to reach out and I will be more than happy to have a conversation.

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