Hello everyone !! Welcome back to my another post in soul speaks section “LEARN TO SAY NO !”. Well, I personally learnt this lesson in 2018. It was one of the most important change I wanted to make in my life. Now we are about to enter November and I have successfully implemented this change in my life. I want to share with you people the importance of saying NO and how it changed my life.

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Do you ever end up doing things you don’t like just because you were too afraid to say NO? Did you ever say YES to things you hate doing just for the sake of other person’s happiness ? Too afraid to loose people by saying NO ? Too afraid to say NO because you always wanted to be good ? How many times you have bear loss in someway or the other just because you can’t say NO? If your answer is YES to any of the above question, you are at the right place. You will connect with my post very easily.

Let me tell a small incident from which you could relate what I really want to say. Suppose you have your exam in two days and you need to work really hard for that. But one of your closest friend hands over a big assignment to you and requests you to complete it within a day so that he can submit. Now you knew that your exam was very important and you could not make the assignment. But you could not say NO just because you don’t want your friendship to be affected. Now realize what you did to yourself just because you were afraid to loose your friendship.

Let me tell you, the one who wants to stay with you will be there for you no matter if you do anything for them or not. And those who don’t want to stay will simply find one reason to leave, doesn’t matter if you did 9 things for them and said NO to just one. No one will ever remember the sacrifice you make for them and what it costed you to say YES when you wanted to say NO. Well exceptions are always there.

We have one life and whats the point to spend this one precious life impressing other people who may even never count on it ! Just like I did, everyone might have faced this situation at least once in their life where they wanted to say NO but could not because of some fear or the other. Never ever say YES to something which you don’t wish to do or you don’t like to do. Keep it simple, if you want to do it with your whole heart do it, if you feel you don’t wish to do it just say NO.

Suppose for sake of anything you said YES and later that one person said NO to some of your very important work. You will feel so bad because at that time you never wished to do that work but still did it so that the friendship won’t get affected but everyone is not like you, dear. Think of it closely and realize the impact it can have on you. Your sacrifice may never be valued. Value yourself above all, you yourself should be your priority so that you don’t regret what you do. Compromising for others and expecting them to do the same for you is foolishness. No one in the world will count the favors you do for them but will always make a list for whatever bad you unintentionally did to them.

I have heard people saying that “how could I say NO, I had no reason, it was just that I don’t wanted to do it but I did not have any explanation for my NO”. Well I ask you one thing for whom did you need the explanation for your NO. It’s your life, your choice,your opinion, you only can decide what you really want to do. I mean come on, you don’t want to do something is itself a big reason to say NO, what else you need to think further.

Thankfully I never say YES to something I don’t wish to do and it remains simple and easy. I never expect anyone to say YES to all of my work and that’s the biggest thing.

I never say YES to a party for the sake of my friends when I don’t feel like partying. What’s the use of that friendship if your NO can change it.

Learn to say NO! and see how simple it becomes. NO is a complete sentence it doesn’t need any explanation.


I hope you people liked my post and it could help you in some way or the other. Don’t forget to share you reviews in the comments below.

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  1. Usually I never comment on blogs but your article is so convincing that I never stop myself to say something about it. You’re doing a great job Miss Mansi,Keep it up.

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