Hello lovely people! My name is Mansi and I am here with my new post “IF IT WAS YOUR LAST DAY”. Last day, yeah you heard it right. I am talking about dying. Let me make it clear in the beginning, I won’t talk about completing goals before death, this section is completely emotional one as this comes under “SOUL SPEAKS”.

if it was your last day

In our daily lives, we go through a lot. Sometimes we appreciate but mostly what we do is complain. Complaining about all the things that are not going according to us. I am pretty sure there are rare, very rare people who actually take minutes from a day to thank about the life they have received.

Each and every person has a different life story. In this life we have friends, families, friends who are like families and then we have friends who turn to enemies. Or may be you just ended up disliking someone even before knowing them properly. We have different relations from each person we meet in our lives. Study shows that we meet nearly 80,000 people in our course of life. Large number right? But can you imagine out of billions of population you meet some thousand people. Now imagine, you were destined to meet these particular people. They were there either to teach you lessons or to be with you through out. They all mean something and are of some help.

Each life is nothing less than a movie, it has everything in it. We hate people, we love some. We have few relations that end up worse, we leave things unsaid. In anger we say things which we never really meant. Being busy in this life, we rarely take time to tell people how we feel about them. How much they mean to us.

live life

Whenever you fight with someone you love, be it parents, friends or anyone who mean something to you. Just think about it, what would be the last thing you want them to remember about you? What would be the last thing you wish to tell them? Life is short right? Who knows what happens next? I am not telling you to not fight, but just be careful about what you say to others when you leave the situation. If you really care about them, make sure about what you say, make sure you really mean what you say. Be it love or hatred.

Now, if you are about to die and you know that it’s your last day. What would you do? What thoughts would be there in your mind? Would you still curse your life, complain about everything, still fight with your loved ones, still make your friends enemies on the basis of some misunderstanding, or would you just try to do each and every possible thing you ever wished, tell people about how you exactly feel about them, tell your enemies that there was still something good in them.

If it was my last day, I would never want someone to remember any bad stuff about me. I would not want them to remember the fight I had with them, I would want them to know how much I cared, about each and every one I met through out my life, thank people who were meant to be part of my life, who taught me lessons I was meant to learn. Also, I would tell people reason why I hated them, make it clear to them that they are not bad but just not my type. Think it all before it’s your last day. Think, while you are living.

Meeting just some thousand people among the billions and still end up hating, fighting, complaining, faking. Why not live it with love and care. Why not tell people how you exactly and truly feel about them. Let’s keep it simple, live life beautifully while you are still alive.

Thank you so much for reading this article. I hope it helps in some way. Don’t forget to share your reviews n the comments section. Do share more and more.

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