How to set achievable goals

Howdy lovely people! So it’s the second month of the year and I have questions about your resolutions/goals you took a month back. Wait, you are working on them right ? Well may be some of you are still holding themselves tight while others must have given up. Nothing to worry there is still hope. Welcome to my new post, how to set achievable goals.

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As the new year starts we all wish to do better in lives, some wish to be productive, others wish to have major health goals, career goals and so on. It depends on which field of life you want to perform better. We wish, that’s alright but do we really plan ? Do you ever think the depth of what you want to do and why ? What results are you expecting? What is the reason you chose that particular goal? Well if you haven’t asked yourselves these questions before you set your major goals for the year, start asking now.

Many of you generally give up on your goals within few days of starting it. It’s due to lack of reasons you hold behind doing a particular task. So let’s just see what is the correct procedure in order to achieve your goals.

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I am not going to explain you the procedure of setting SMART goals. Well we certainly need a more practical way to do it, which I feel needs to be simple and brief. So the procedure which I ended up concluding is the three major questions you need to answer your self before you set any goal or resolution for year or any thing you wish to do. And this has helped me a lot in choosing what I really wish to do.

So the three questions are :

  1. WHAT
  2. WHY
  3. HOW

Simple, right ? But they have their depth. Let us see them one by one.

1. What is your goal ?

Now this is the base, the idea what so ever comes to your mind could be yours or may be that idea arrived in your mind due to some pressure from other people. Never decide anything in anger or due to pressure. When you sincerely decide to do something, it should come from inside. Try to figure out what you want to do and what holds your interest, do you really wish to make the change you are trying to make with all the pain that’s gonna come along. Well I am more of pen and paper type of person so I like to jot down everything that comes to my mind. You can do it as you feel comfortable, it’s totally up to you. Decide it carefully and try to keep it brief and clear.

2. Why you want to do it?

After you decide what to do, here comes the most important part. This factor decides whether you going to make it or it’s just another goal which you are going to forget what it was all about. When we try to set goals we are mostly overwhelmed by the results and forget the path we need to trace in order to reach there. And be really practical about what you want to do. Once you decide what you really want, try to think of the fact that what is the reason behind that. Do you want to do it for yourself or you just want to prove something to other person? Make sure whatever the reason you give yourself, it should be for you from you. Don’t do it because someone told you to.


For example, you decided to loose weight, so the reason which could really help you going on with this goal is that you wish to loose weight because you want yourself to be healthy. You are well aware of the results you are going to achieve and also ready to bear the pain it’s going to take. When you have enough reasons from you, for you, you can easily achieve whatever you decide.

3. How will you do it?

Now you need to plan about how you will start it and how you wish to end it. This is necessary because it gives you clarity about the expectations from yourself.

Lastly, try to focus on your progress rather than perfection.

Thank you so much for making time to read this, I hope it helps you in some way.

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