BROTHER : A Blessing

Brother, the greatest gift one could ever receive in life. The purest relationship of the world is the one with a brother.

Hello everyone ! Today let’s just talk about the most wonderful bond of the planet.

Let’s see how having a brother changes our lives..

Brother, the one who annoys you the most but also loves you the most. If we talk about childhood memories, they are all about siblings and friends. Brother makes childhood a special place to live. He may never tell you how much he loves you , but will never leave a chance to prove it. He himself may tease you to the maximum level, but if someone else does the same he can’t bear that.

Brother always has a protecting hand. He may not always stand by you but if you ever fall he will always be there to catch you. He is the best friend gifted by nature, the one with whom you can keep all your secrets.

The nostalgic moments..

Being children, we never realize that the moments we are living will be missed badly later. The pillow fight over the television remotes, eating the chocolates slowly so that we could tease each other later, never calling each other with the original names, telling each other that mom got you from the railway station and believing it to be true and what not !! What a wonderful part of life it was !

Tell them how special they are..

Being children we see all the perks of becoming the older person, but after becoming one we realize that the best days of life are gone and will never come back. After growing older we get so busy in our lives that we wait for festivals to come so that we could spend time with our siblings. I wish I could relive all the memories and cherish the time to it’s fullest. But it cannot be done now, all we can do now is make some more memories as the older siblings and recall them later.

We never take enough time to tell them that how special they are to us, but let’s not do that this time. The festival of RakshaBandhan is here and there could not be a better day than this to tell them how much they mean to you. So, this Rakhi let’s make some more memories to recall them later.

It is rightly said “Because I have a brother, I will always have a friend.” Thank your brother for being the real hero of you life.

By Miss Mansi

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