Benefits of having a To-Do List

Howdy lovely people! My name is Mansi Choudhary and I am here with my new blog “Benefits of having a To-Do List”. A To-Do List has proven to be the most life changing element in my life.

It feels super productive when you know exactly what you need to do when the day begins. A To-Do list can contain all the things you wish to do in your day from watching a video to having an appointment or meeting someone, anything. It’s more than a year now when I started using To-Do list, it feels so relaxing and stress free when all you need to do is written in front of you. Many people use apps to make a To-Do list but I am more of a pen and paper type of a person.

I personally recommend you people to have a pen and paper for the process because when you write something you remember it more easily and I have found it to be more effective.

There are countless benefits when it comes to a To-Do List but let us make it brief and have an overview of the pros.

1. Easy to remember

When you have everything written in front of you, there are negligible chances to forget the work you needed to do. A To-Do list makes it quite easy to remember things. All you need to do is write it and you are good to go.

2. Clarity

When you wake up in the morning having all the work/tasks of the day written, you have a clarity of your day and you do not end up thinking what on earth you are going to do on that particular day. It gives you a perfect picture about what your day is all about and how much you need to do on that day.

3. Easy to prioritize

You may have 5 to 20 tasks a day and sometimes its not possible to do it all or some tasks are meant to be done early. So, in a To-Do list it becomes super easy to maintain priority. All you need to do is select your important task and place them in first three columns and you now know your important tasks of the day.

4. Feels productive

When at the end of the day you look at your list and see that how much you have done. All the tasks written on the sheet are complete. It gives a positive productive vibe, this vibe is so satisfactory trust me. You feel responsible and happy.

5. Relieves Stress

Once written on the paper, you can relax, there are no chances to forget anything. Now there is no more stress to remember something. It helps you to free the portion of your mind which was bounded just to remember things. You can now use it for something else.

So these were the benefits I came up with. I strongly recommend you people to try out this activity. It is really helpful and productive. Do share it with your friends. Do not forget to share your reviews and tell me if it was helpful for you.

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4 thoughts on “Benefits of having a To-Do List

  1. I acatully started making to do list and my day was much more productive after that. Thank you so much mansi ♥️♥️

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