What is the first key of self love?

Hello everyone! Welcome to the very first post in “SELF LOVE” category. “What is the first key of self love?”. Self love is the most important yet so underrated topic. We all know what it is all about, but do we really know how to exactly do it? Are we aware of things we do so unconsciously to our self that we never realize how much we are affected by those actions we took? Do we realize that how important it is to give value to our self more than ANYTHING in this world?

If you are in doubt, I am here to help you out. I will tell you the very first key with which you could unlock the doors of self love. So come on in, let me tell you all what I have learnt so far.

“Express yourself”, YES! this is the first key to self love. No matter what you do to love yourself, if you are pretending to be someone you are not, it is all a waste of time and energy. Trying to be someone else needs a lot of effort, almost all of it.

OK, let me make it very clear about what I mean by “trying to be someone else”, Guys I am talking about the mask you put on your face in front of everybody else around you. I am talking about the way you make false pretences about being fine and happy when you are actually not. Don’t do this to yourself. Ask yourself why are you doing this? For whom? Is it even helping you in any manner? Why are you so afraid to let yourself express? Just take a pen and paper and try to answer them or just give it a thought. Ask yourself the reason.

I have no idea why people feel so afraid to be real, when they feel happy they hide their happiness so that no one knows they are happy, when they are sad they pretend to be happy while they are actually not. I don’t get this behaviour. This game of pretending has gone so down to our roots that it happens without our notice. Do yourself the biggest favor and get out of this game, start loving yourself by giving your brain relief, to behave and express as you feel.

You are an amazing person, you are completely fine. It’s just that you are going through some bad situations and it’s OK to feel terrible about it. It’s OK to tell your friends that you are feeling low. If you are afraid about being judged and that is the reason you behave so fake. I highly suggest you to change your circle. It’s better to sit alone rather than such company. At least you will not be pretending, it is so so important for you to be as you feel.

The truth is that when you share happiness, it doubles and when you share your sorrow, it is sliced into half. Doing all opposites and wondering what is wrong with the world, it won’t help.

There is no need to say “I am fine” when feel like saying “I feel terrible today”. It’s OK to say you are sad, you are feeling bad or anything you feel, nothing is bad enough to not say about your emotions. Half of the problems start when you start lying to yourself and to everybody around you. And that too leading us no where. Each and every person is free to express.

Do not confuse your brain by pretending, just say it, nothing would go wrong, if you feel the need to hide you happiness and sorrows ask yourself WHY, you need to answer this yourself. When someone tells you anything and you get hurt, just tell them that you are hurt, there is no need to pretend that nothing happened. Either let it go off at that moment and if you can’t and will overthink later, be wise and say what you felt.

I will post a complete blog on overthinking later on, I am still working on it.

For today, this was all what I wanted to convey, I feel very strong about each statement of mine, please question yourself before you do anything. Answers are within, you just need to think.

I hope this blog helps you in some way, do share your reviews in the comments below. Feel free to ask if you have any questions, I will be more than happy to answer.

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