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Believer is a person who believes that a specified thing is right, effective or acceptable. Believe is to accept something to be true, especially without proof. Hello everyone! Welcome back to my another post ‘BE A BELIEVER’.


Well the ‘soul speaks’ section is personally very close to my heart because it takes complete contribution of feelings, emotions, broken pieces of heart and much more. The recipe to these posts is not that simple, you need to write what’s true in order to connect with the feelings of the reader. So here I am to share my experience and feelings about how life can be completely different when you become a believer.

The Difficult Phase


We all face emotional crisis at times in our lives. There are times when we are broken, empty and have no one to talk to. The most difficult times are when we have lost what we thought would last our whole life. The true fact is life may not always work according to us, it gives us a full 50-50 combo of sadness and happiness together. There are times when we are about to reach where we always wanted to be but life may punch us on the face and throw us back to where it all started. There are times when we have lost our precious relationship with someone very close to our heart. The emotions at this point of life are heavier on heart and mind.

In all these difficult times you may feel that you have completely lost yourself to a place too unknown for you to even stand and search for the light. It feels as if nothing in life could be worst now, everything becomes darker and you start doubting your existence. The most tricky phase of life is to deal with the emotions and the mindset. The mindset, it could make you or break you.

The Need To Believe

Believe is the new super power. When life gives you a plate of sorrows your mindset can change the game. Think of it like, if you are given a plate of sorrows a plate of happiness is also waiting for you. Now you can do two things, you can either think that the first sorrow plate is your whole life or you can deal with it and grab the happiness plate. The room of sorrows and emotions is darker, it may be difficult to stand and search for light but yes light is there for sure, all you need to do is build the courage to stand and believe that you can search for the path to happiness.

Everything, every single thing in life happens for a reason. Be a believer and believe that everything in life happen for good, and see the changes in the game of life. If you have lost someone or something, may be better things are about to come your way, believe that you deserve better. If you have fallen down from great heights in career or relationship, may be life is training you for a better tomorrow.

Become A Believer

You need to believe because you attract what you think, if you would believe positive you attract positive. Losing people, thing or positions are part of life. It’s OK if people come and go from your lives, if you face failure, if you face rejection, its all natural and happens with every single person on earth. The thing which makes the difference is that what you believe in and want your life to look like. The good and bad leads you where you were meant to be. Just be a believer and have the courage to believe that you deserve happiness and all the sorrows coming your way are the signs about the amount of happiness you are about to get as soon as you recover from the pain with the power to believe.

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