5 Things to become productive during quarantine

The world is going through a lot. We all are together in this quarantine time. Let us try to be productive during this course of time. My name is Mansi and I am here with my new post “5 Things to become productive during quarantine”. Many of you might be busy with your Netflix and chill mode, but let’s try to make it a bit of productive quarantine rather than regretting it later.

Although, Netflix and chill is always there on the top of the list. Entertainment is only good until it turns out to be a regret later. Try to be productive so that you could grow as a person and be in non regrettable mode later. Let us see what are the things that can be done during this quarantine time.


This is the time you have been waiting for to finally give your cupboards a makeover. Just take the time and set the things in your room where they belong. De-clutter your room and clothes and every single thing in your home. Clean your house and make it look organized. Rather than getting bored, do this. Improve your hygienic conditions and get organized.


Enough time to learn, being home bound is a big opportunity for you if you are a learner. You can join a lot of courses on Udemy, SkillShare and other resources available on Internet. Learn whatever you like, any hobby you wish to pursue. Do not take this time for granted and give your hobbies and career a big shot. Learn as much as you can and make a good time out of it.


Reading is the best thing you could do in your free time. You have no idea what wonders it can do to your life once you start to read. I feel it as a mantra for a good and successful life. When you read, you grow as a person, it benefits you in some way or the other. You gather knowledge and gain good vocabulary skills. Not only skills but it also helps in developing personality. When you read, you gather confidence because you don’t feel empty minded, you know stuff. So, just grab any book you like to read, be it fiction or non fiction. Reading has its own world. Read and be smarter.


Give time to yourself, know yourself and pamper yourself with good food and a lot more. If you are home bound do things which were on your list to make yourself happy. Stay at home and have best time with yourself. Do whatever you like and give yourself a home based holiday.


We all remain busy in our lives, it’s rare when we are together as a family. So take this time to spend it with your family and remain indoors. Spend time with your loved ones and tell them how much they mean to you. This is the time when we are stuck at home, we can’t go outside so stay with your families and loved ones.

So these were the few things I came up with during this quarantine time. Hope it helps you people. Take care everyone, stay home and stay safe. Do not go outside and take all necessary precautions.

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