5 Daily Habits to develop as an individual

Daily habits can make a great change in our lives and help us to develop as an individual. Habits are all about long term impacts, you may not see the results instantly but you will definitely have good results if you inculcate them for long duration. Hello lovely people! New year has already started and I am quite late in sharing some good tips with you people but don’t worry I will be regular from upcoming week and this is one of my resolution for the year.

I have been practicing these habits from one year and they have helped me a lot to become a better person and develop as an individual. I want to share these habits with you people so that they can help you all in some way or the other. To include something in your life you must always have a reason behind that. If you don’t have the reason you can never practice the habit for long time. You should understand why you wish to do something, it’s benefits and how it can help you to improve your life.

When I started using these habits I took them as promises to myself. I gave myself all the reasons behind doing it and the benefits too so that each time I want to stop it I could see the loss I will bear doing so. This helped me a lot to continue what was good. So let’s see the promises one by one.

1. Planning the day

This habit was the base. If I didn’t planned it could not have been possible for me to even remember what change I wanted in my life and what promises I made to myself. Let me ask you people a simple question, how many of you remember what resolution you took last year ? Well if you do remember its more than good but if you don’t, you do need a planner my friend. If you truly wish to make change you need to plan otherwise what you said in January will be forgotten maximum by April if unplanned. I used to forget things so I decided to promise myself that each day from now will be planned.

I write each and everything in my planner, my newly promised habits too. Through this I am able to remember what is to be done. Its been a year since I started using planners and trust me they are worth to be given a chance. You yourself will feel the difference. Ever since I started using planner I do more of what I used to do previously. I feel happy about the change I am able to bring. When you wake up in the morning you will already be aware of all the tasks you need to perform and waste no time in thinking. Try it out for a month and see the difference.

2. Read something good

I am fond of reading and writing so this one was easy for me. The whole concept why I wanted to do this was to read in such a manner that I learn something good and beneficial each time I read something. This was the second promise I made to myself that each day I will read something good, in order to learn from it. Each day I made it a point to read something which have a positive impact on me and my thinking process. Through this I learnt something new each day. I write it on my do to list daily so that I don’t miss a day without reading. Read in order to grow, to learn something you don’t know, to gain knowledge in whichever field you want.

3. Listen something good

We can sit and watch Netflix for hours without getting bored because its entertaining. Apart from entertainment something good must be heard everyday. This was the third promise I made to myself, to listen to something which can actually help me improve as a person and learn about life or anything of my interest. Now listening to something good doesn’t mean listening to your favorite music, no. Here I am talking about listening to something that can teach you a lesson or anything that can contribute to a better life. I chose to listen to podcasts by Jay Shetty. He is my favorite when it comes to podcasts. When you listen good you can think good.

4. Eat healthy

Health was my major concern. When you have big goals and plans but you can’t execute them because you have health issues, big goals are of no use then. Because I was a junk food lover, this was not an easy task for me. So what I did was, I promised myself to eat something healthy each day. I started with having a fruit daily and then slowly started avoiding junk food. I started with dinner and then made it a practice to eat light slowly. But I made it a point that I had to eat something healthy each day no matter what. This really helped me in improving my health and work better. You can try this too.

5. Make someone smile

We all speak to everyone around us but how many times we make someone smile. This was the last promise I made to my self, make someone smile daily. It could be anyone, a child, mom, dad or anyone around you. I feels great when you realize someone is smiling because of you. It’s very positive trust me. Try this out, each day make it a practice to say something good and positive to someone. And if you can’t do this, then at least try not to make someone sad.

So these are some of my promises I kept to myself and they are still in my practice. I hope you people liked my post.

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