4 tips for productive workflow.

Maintaining a productive workflow is so challenging, specially when you have a lot on your plate.

Do you often wonder why you were not able to complete all your tasks although you had enough time? Do you feel you could have done better for the day? Are you unable to track your time?

If I look a month back in my life, I was facing major concentration and work flow issues. I used to get up on time with my to do list ready. I knew what I had to do for the day and due to quarantine I had enough time. Despite all these things I was not able to complete my tasks on time. I used be very energetic at the beginning of the day but by evening I used to feel drained and totally unsatisfied by my performance. I used to be busy all day but not productive.

I tried to track my activities and found out some mistakes which I was making that were breaking my workflow. I am here to tell you some not to do things so that you don’t end up being busy but productive.

Here are some tips to maintain a productive workflow and make most out of your day.

1. Do not answer texts or calls between your work unless they are urgent.

Avoid texts and calls for productive workflow

Cell phones are a part of work today. Most of the data you need to have while working is present on your phone. But keeping phone with you is also a big invitation to distraction itself. Popups from whats app, Instagram, Amazon and Netflix can be very concentration breaking. Getting call from an old friend while you are working on an important project means 2 hours gone in air for sure.

So, to avoid these type of distractions keep your phone aside while working. If your phone plays some role in your work then turn off the notifications from such apps. If you don’t feel like turning off the notifications then accept the fact that you do not need to reply all the mails, calls and messages as soon as you get them. It’s OK if you are busy, go on with your work and reply them once you are done working.

I used to work carefully and then a popup from amazon saying “30% off on uni-ball pens” used to distract me. I instantly used to open it and see what other offers it has, and this was a major problem. This is why it is better to turn off your notifications rather than ignoring them. For me ignoring the discount on stationery is a big task so I prefer not to come across such offers.

2. Do not browse content which is not related to your work.

Browse what is necessary  for productive workflow

I don’t think any of us could work without Internet connected to our laptops these days and browsing every now and then is so common. But so many times we end up searching for some unnecessary content not related to our work. It happened with me so many times, I used to search for my subject assignment and ended up reading or watching content on 5 morning rituals for healthy mind. When we do such thing our brain becomes tired because it is investing the attention required. You are spending the attention in subject which was not your concern at the first place.

This is why we are busy but not productive, do not search or click on content not related to your work.

3. Do not try to work on two projects at same time slots.

Do not multitask  for productive workflow

Multitasking is big NO if you want to maintain a productive workflow. Working on one task at a time is the perfect approach. If you do more than one task at a time, neither of your work has your 100% attention. Your attention is diverted and scattered. When you work one task a time, it has your full attention and the output is more satisfying. You can concentrate completely on that one task without distraction and you will find out it will take lesser time than you imagined. Book your time slots according, dedicate a particular time of your day to one task ONLY. Do not have more than one task in same slot.

4. Do not switch places while working.

Do not switch places  for productive workflow

Being quarantined at home we are not bound to stick to same table and chair to work on. This is completely a bliss, to sit in any corner of your house and work from where you like. You are free to explore your home and can sit anywhere, but do not switch your place every now and then between work. At least not during one complete task.

If you chose to sit on sofa and write your article or any work, you gathered all your stuff and shifted to the sofa then after half an hour you want to be on bed and do your work from there. Do not do this, it hampers the concentration level. Do not switch so often, sit where you are and complete that task there only.

So these are the 4 tips for productive workflow.

That’s all for today! I hope these points help you in some way. Let me know what you used to do while working.

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Inspiring happy living.


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