3 keys to self improvement

Self improvement is a subject that set us totally apart from crowd. The amount of competition we face today is totally overwhelming no matter which field you choose to be in. In such situations where new information is surfing daily all through the internet, it is important to feed our systems with quality content to make ourselves better. Not just in career but as a person too.

There is always a scope to improve. Bill Gates reads 50 books in a year! Amazing right? Why do you think he reads and gathers so much information in his head? He has money, he is successful, then why? The answer is self improvement. Improvement, growth is the necessary part today. Read and develop yourself as an individual whenever you have a chance. It helps in shaping our personality, develop skills and much more.

A person should always try to learn and explore. Self improvement is the key, whether it is emotions, career or whatever it is regarding life.

I am here with 3 keys that will lead you to self improvement. Practice them and I promise you won’t regret.

#1 Learn, learn and learn.

self improvement by learn

The most important part in improving ourselves is to learn. Behave as a student through out your life and be ready to learn anything and everything you come across. There is nothing as “enough” when it comes to learning, no matter what age you are, there are still concepts you don’t know about. Whatever job you have, whichever passion you follow, learn every day. Take 40-60 minutes out of your schedule to learn new things. Listen to a podcast, watch a documentary, watch a video from your favorite author/speaker, buy an online course, or simply read a book.

Do this for 30 days straight and you will be surprised by the changes these few minutes out of 24 hours a day will bring to your life. Your personality, your approach, your knowledge, everything seems to be going in direction.

So this is the key learn, be a student for life.

#2 Do not fear to experiment, explore new things.

explore for self improvement

Many of us remain same, forever. Do you know that changes are necessary and contribute to your growth? Yes! you heard it changes are important. Many of us are not aware how limitless our talent is because we are too afraid to step out there and experiment with all the possibilities we have. Step up and do not fear from experimenting.

If you want something you never had before, you need to do something you never did before. The problem is that we expect different result by doing the same thing again and again, if you want the result to be different, change the approach and procedures.

All the things you want to achieve are out of your comfort zone, you need to step out of it. Fearing from getting failed and what others will say is holding you back, let go all the fear and step up. You will thank yourself later for this, I promise. Just gather enough courage and experiment, explore as much as you can. You only live once, reach out to all the possibilities.

#3 Accept failure and learn from it.

self improvement

Acceptance is a great deal, specially when it comes to failure. Many of us do not even accept that we failed and this is a big problem. If you want to improve yourself you need to first accept that there is a scope to improve, there are things you need to work on. If you consider yourself a master of all things you will never be able to learn properly with a clean heart.

Each time you think you failed just simply tell yourself “The approach I used this time didn’t work for me. I will find out the cause and work on it to change the effect.” This is so simple. Nothing happens without a cause, accept your failures, learn from them and change the cause of your failure.

That’s all for today! I hope these tips help you in some way or the other. Let me know your reviews in the comments below. Your words matter.

Inspiring happy living.


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